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Jiangmen Jiuyang Supply Chain Co ., Ltd

Jiangmen Jiuyang Supply Chain Co ., Ltd is locate in the beautiful  hometown of overseas Chinese J i a n g m e n city,Guangdong  with c o n v e n i e n t transportation.
Our factory is a professional manufacture of hotelutensils, kitchenware, household daily necessities and mold developing .Our factory was founded in 2005 withfloor space of more than 18, 000 square meters,developing at a fast speed. Our factory is a modernmanufacture who producing high quality plasticproducts, which owing the ability of R&D capacity, moldmanufacturing, product injection, product assembling,etc. Our factory owns many large
injection machine,ranging from 120 tons to 2500 tons., which can meetdifferent demands for different customers. Also, ourfactory owns large mold workshop and has possessedadvanced mold R&D ability for new products. Ourfactory will always provide One - Package service fromproduct design, mold manufacture to product injection,etc., which can greatly shorten the new productdevelopment cycle and provide strong guarantee to thecustomers to explore their markets.
" Quality comes the first" is the company purpose.Our products has passed the test of the market throughout the passed 10 years, our products have been soldnot only in the domestic market, but also to theAmerican and European countries. At the same time,we never stop our feet on product innovation, we willbring better experience to our customers.

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